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Beware telephone support scams!

There has been a great increase recently in customers contacting Webcharm asking about suspicious phone calls that they have received from companies claiming to be from "Microsoft" or "Windows Security" or similarly official-sounding names.

These are scammers who will try to convince you that they have "received reports" that your PC has errors or viruses. 

The simple truth of the matter is that nobody (other than perhaps your internet provider) could possibly know if your PC has errors or viruses and these cold-callers certainly don't! 

Ultimately, they are trying to part you with your hard-earned cash by connecting remotely to your PC. They make their money either by installing malicious software on your PC (to grab your banking details or credit card numbers) or more frequently now, perform a few basic "tidying" operations on your PC and then sting you for a large repair bill or ongoing yearly support contract. 

These people are up to no good. They are typically based in India, are working from scripts and are not computer experts - no matter how much jargon they may throw in your direction. Watch out though, they learn to be very persistent and very persuasive - I have spoken directly with two so far and they don't give up easily!

Webcharm have, on occasion, had to repair computers which have been totally 'trashed' by these people. We have no wish to make business off the back of these scam artists and so would recommend that you either tell the scammers that "there must be some mistake because you don't have a computer" (the hope is that they will not bother you again) or simply hang up on their call.